AUSTIN TX - Formula 1, Hope Outdoor Gallery and Vegan Food

(Austin, Texas) - I take an annual trip to Austin, TX for my one chance to see Formula 1 racing live in the United States.  Formula 1 has held races in other U.S. cities over their history but the Circuit of the Americas in Austin has been the home for the USGP for the last several years.

     Unfortunately, this year's race was disappointing in many ways including one that had nothing to do with the competition but was completely man-made.  I was hoping British racer Lewis Hamilton would both win the race and secure the Driver's Championship in Austin, but no such luck as Kimi Räikkönen of Scuderia Ferrari took the top podium spot with Hamilton finishing 3rd?  The race day weather was just right for the fans even though a wash-out Practice and cool, breezy Qualifying made for a bit of an uncomfortable lead up to #LightsOut on Sunday. afternoon  I have to expect or at least prepare for those events, but my parking situation really put a damper on my whole weekend. I didn't get a Lot A parking pass this year and ended up with Lot T which is still fairly close to the grandstand where I sit.  However, I was not able to park in the lot that I paid for the entire weekend and was forced to park in far away Lot Q.  This meant, I now how to take a shuttle from Lot Q to the track and then an additional shuttle once there to the grandstand. With the long lines, wait times and bouncing buses I was not a happy camper.  Formula 1 really needs to improve that for next year.  I also tried a new seat this year on the mezzanine that didn't really work for me, so hopefully next year I'll just be on the Paddock side with the drivers and won't have to worry about those issues.

     I didn't let the first couple of days of rain and overcast stop me from exploring Austin's art scene which led me to visit the beautifully colorful Hope Outdoor Gallery   The collaborative gallery is meant to display large scale art pieces driven by inspirational, positive & educational messaging.  Read more about the gallery here. I hope to return to the gallery on a sunny day so I can really enjoy these amazing murals in a more brightly lit setting and on more firm, dry ground .  It started to get crowded before I left, so I suggest that you check for their quieter times before visiting and wear some some comfortable shoes that you wouldn't mind getting dirty because there can be a little hiking involved to see everything.

    Of course, I had to eat among all the racing and art and hoped that being in a larger metro area than my hometown of Dayton, OH finding meals to fit my diet wouldn't be a problem.  I have been pescetarian for years but began a plant-based diet at the beginning of this year and it has been great.  It really didn't come as too much of a surprise that I was able to find plenty of vegan meals and restaurants in the Austin and San Antonio area.  A few places I visited were Twin Peaks for a late night Impossible Burger and Citizen's Eatery for breakfast which both had enough options for me to choose.  I also dined at vegan restaurants Casa de Luz in Austin and Viva Vegeria in San AntonioCasa de Luze was actually a wellness center that included a restaurant and shop.  It is probably the type of place non-vegans think of when think about eating plant-based meals which is not at all a bad thing.  It was quiet, sun lit with very traditional and simple items.  Viva Vegeria is a Tex-Mex restaurant that I absolutely loved, both for the art displayed on the walls as well as, the delicious mushroom tacos I devoured.

    All of these places and experiences made for a memorable trip which have me looking forward to my return to Austin no later than race day next year.

(Formula 1 at the Circuit of the Americas)

(Formula 1 at the Circuit of the Americas)

(The Line To Board The Bus To Lot Q)


(Casa De Luz)

(Casa De Luz)

(Tortilla, Dark Leafy Greens Soup, Tea, Filtered & Vortex Activated Water at Casa De Luz)

(Viva Vegeria - San Antonio)

(Viva Vegeria - San Antonio)

(Mushroom Tacos at Viva Vegeria)

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  1. I wish there were more places like this, because it was simply too amazing for words. I came here with my boyfriend the other night, and it was absolutely fabulous. The use of wood throughout the event venue adds a very warm and inviting feel to venue.


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