Taking Flight: An Exploration of Art and Fashion

(Columbus, OH) - Mixing Art & Fashion, the 934 Gallery was the scene of Taking Flight: An Exploration of Art and Fashion, a colorful and wild alternate universe come to life. Artist Adam Hernandez and fashion designer Juan Jose Saenz-Ferreyros combined collections for a rhythmic, flowing and constantly moving art show. Throughout the evening the viewing perspective of Adam's Land of Thunderbirds changed moment by moment as models wearing designs from Jose's Ferreyros Couture collection gracefully but almost hauntingly flew around the gallery. The immersive experience allowed you to go as deep into the two artists' world as your imagination would take you.

Columbus is already one of the top cities in the country for fashion design and looks to rise in the ranks of the art world with exhibitions such as the one put on here this evening featuring these two talented professionals.

Land of Thunderbirds was the featured exhibition at 934 Gallery for the month of July and Ferreyros Couture can be seen later this year at the Fashion Week Columbus finale show.

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(Darci, Juan and Adam)